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Pierre Sang, MADSAKI x Perrotin, Jeffrey Milstein, Saffron de Nimes, Thomas Pesquet, Lupin in Paris!

This is a Twitter Bazar with a lot of French / France in it! Let’s start with Chef Pierre Sang and his famous bibimbap available to take out at Pierre Sang Express restaurants in the 6th and 11th districts in Paris! A ne surtout pas manquer si vous pouvez vous y rendre !

Solo exhibition by japanese MADSAKI will be on view at Gallery Perrotin in New York City. Curator and art critic Marc-Olivier Wahler writes about the artist: ‘MADSAKI says the first time he saw the canvas of the Three Musicians by Picasso, he thought it was a depiction of a scene from Star Wars. I love this anecdote. It shows the way in which the artist navigates through the visual universe of our society and highlights the unique artistic vocabulary he has developed within the reality of the cultural landscape.’ If you’re interested, click here to RSVP. Bonne visite !

Have you already visited Paris? Or even seen beautiful pictures? Now you may be interested in seeing the City of Lights from… above! In 2019, photographer, architect, and pilot Jeffrey Milstein received a special permission to photograph in the restricted airspace over Paris and the images are truly amazing! His book Paris: From the Air is published by Rizzoli : ‘Milstein brings his unique and unmatched aerial vistas of Paris to life–every angle, every moment, every season. This is sure to be treasured by tourists and Parisians alike.Les photos sont vraimemt magnifiques !

These images of #Paris from the air are taken from the book by Jeffrey Milstein, an architect, photographer, and pilot. He's got talent! The book is "Paris: From the Air" by editor Rizzoli.

— Sidonie Sawyer (@sidoniesawyer) April 20, 2021

The Good Life France is about ‘Everything You Want to Know About France and More…‘ (sounds familiar, right?). You can read a lot of interesing things on this website ‘about all things French from travel to culture, gastronomy to property and practical guides & more‘. Recipe of the day: Southern French goats cheese and honey toastie nicknamed Saffron de Nimes! Yummy! Cela a l’air délicieux, bon appétit 🙂

Tuesday treat tweet – goats cheese & honey toastie, a southern French delight! Olives, saffron & herbs elevate this to topmostie toastie status…

— The Good Life France (@lifefrance) April 20, 2021

Lupin is a French mystery thriller streaming television series starring Omar Sy (Untouchable), and created by George Kay and François Uzan that premiered on Netflix on January 8, 2021. Inspired by the adventures of Arsène Lupin by Maurice Leblanc, gentleman thief Assane Diop sets out to avenge his father for an injustice inflicted by a wealthy family. If you enjoyed watching the show, you can now stroll through the filming locations across Paris. Et il y a de belles découvertes à faire !

French ESA astronaut Thomas Pesquet is returning to the International Space Station on his second spaceflight! Thomas is flying alongside NASA astronauts Megan MacArthur and Shane Kimbrough and Japanese astronaut Aki Hoshide on the Crew Dragon. The launch scheduled on 23 April for 09:49 GMT (11:49 CEST) will be streamed live (here) with commentary in French and English. Bravo Thomas et à tout l’équipage, bon voyage !

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