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Let’s talk about Art, contemporary African Art. AfricanColours is ‘the premier internet space for the promotion of contemporary African art since 2000. With a central office in Nairobi, its work is supported by representatives  in Africa, Europe & America.’ The Portal of contemporary African Art offers news and articles about African artists and exhibitions. AfricanColours The Power of Colours is your ultimate guide to contemporary African Art!

Below, some @AfricanColours‘ tweets we added to our list of Favorites on Twitter:

“The title of this exhibition …Matter of Record… indicates that witness is
at the core of Peterson Kamwathi’s…

Guest Exhibition Tour: Nana Oforiatta-Ayim Leads a Tour of the
James Barnor Exhibition

Beyond: Stone Sculpture Exhibition at GIBS

The Grass Is Singing: By David Kaiza/…

In a continent such as Africa, characterized by contradictions and
important issues in the social, economic and…

Art of the African Diaspora Comes to Paris

Iziko Exhibition Presented at Tate Modern

Any day now one expects the proclamation that ‘contemporary African art’ is dead.
After all, its been rumoured for…

AfricanColours is a rich portal which introduces the visitors to amazing artists. We will mention some of them in a near future but meanwhile, visit the website and if you are not familiar with Contemporary African Art already (check our posts about Owen Maseko), you will undoubtedly find some art you will love.

The website, managed by a team with expertise in art, media and whose commitment goes beyond the internet, is a great resource for anyone interested in contemporary African Art and curious to know more about it. After the visit, don’t forget to follow @AfricanColours on Twitter!

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