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As you may already know by now, we have launched our first special section on the Sama Gazette: En Route To Sudan. Dedicated to news and resources about Sudan, this section of the site counts many visitors everyday and we hope it will help everyone to find interesting information about Sudan, and learn about the referendums, the challenges and issues.

Amongst the many links to websites and twitter pages we mention Rebecca Hamilton. She is a Special Correspondent on Sudan for The Washington Post and she is also the author of the forthcoming book, Fighting for Darfur (to be released on February 2011), a book we have already listed in ‘Books We Recommend’. You can follow Rebecca Hamilton on Twitter @bechamilton and here is a list of recent tweets she sent:

I know this is not representative of the rest of southern #Sudan but for tonight I’m enjoying the wonderment of things unimaginable in 2005

Breathtaking to be back in Juba after five years. The town is unrecognizable. Paved roads, brick buildings 4 storeys high, a KCB bank. . .

This Doesn’t Look Like Unity – my latest #Sudan piece: in @slate

My thoughts with everyone at Development Alternatives. Appreciate the Guardian’s profile of Linda: #Afghanistan 

Reviewing edits on #Sudan child marriage piece coming out in @TNR tomorrow. #Darfur 2009 expulsions had a longer reach than ppl realized

Agreement is Taliban stop blowing up cell towers in exchange for population
not being able to report on Taliban movements at night #ICCM10

If you want to know more about Rebecca Hamilton, we invite you to read her bio and articles on the Pulitzer Center website. Don’t miss Hamilton’s post: A Child Bride in Sudan posted on The New Republic. Last but not least, you can also follow @bechamilton tweets through our Twitter List @SamaGazette/En Route To Sudan.

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