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Urgence Darfour, the petition and the videos

Earlier this month, we published: Urgence Darfour: take action to Stop al-Bashir! The French organization organized a launch party for its new campaign and put online the petition ‘Stop Béchir’.

The launch party went well but the online petition still needs some support. The petition is addressed to UN General Secretary, Mr Ban Ki-Moon and to the heads of Security Council member states.

The petition says: ‘It is estimated by UN that over 300 000 people have died, over 3 million have been displaced and over 4000 villages have been destroyed. The rape of women and girls is used as a weapon of war.’ We could add the half a million people in South Kordofan and Blue Nile that are at risk of starvation…

Urgence Darfour also made 2 videos. Watch them and if you decide to sign the petition, it’s right here!


Dream on – Dictators don’t just stop


Stop Bechir – Behind prison bars

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